About Us

The American-Australian-Asian Adrenal Alliance (A5) is a collaborative group for research related to adrenal diseases. Its core members are centered around a legal agreement for the use of a common database. However, our vision goes significantly beyond this. We would like to be an interactive platform for all interested clinical and basic sciences with an interest in adrenal disorders.

The first steps to start A5 were initiated in 2015 and our inaugural meeting took place in Ann Arbor in September 2018. At that meeting we defined our rules of engagement in the A5 group and also defined our collaborative spirit beyond A5 members to all interested individuals. One specific collaboration partner will be ENS@T the European Network for the study of Adrenal Tumors.

As a collaborative research group, we invite all individuals with an interest in adrenal research to contact us and to lead their institutions to join us! Please contact us.